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CEO, Lead Consultant, FIMC

About Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman, a seasoned investment professional with over 20 years of experience, is dedicated to driving growth and innovation. As the CEO and Founder of Freeman Investment Management Consulting, he leverages his extensive sales background and passion for technology to provide clients with industry-leading solutions. Brian’s 360-degree view of asset management distribution enables him to bridge the gap between client goals and actionable steps. His career, spanning direct sales, leadership, strategy, and information technology, includes roles at Raymond James, where he held positions such as Head of Affiliate Sales, Head of Data Analytics, and President/CEO of Eagle Fund Distributors. Brian is renowned for coordinating multimillion-dollar sales efforts, leading high-performing teams, and implementing strategic technological solutions to drive revenue.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Brian is a diverse individual—engaging in activities such as reading, hosting Airbnb, managing a vineyard, coaching youth soccer, and tending to his 25-acre farm in Virginia. As a family man, Brian values time with his wife, Amy, and three children. Inspired by personal losses, he remains dedicated to being more and doing more each day.

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Our Mission

At Freeman Investment Management Consulting (FIMC), our mission is to deliver practical solutions and tangible results to investment management firms. We specialize in providing tailored strategies to optimize infrastructure and drive growth. Through strategic guidance and innovative approaches, we empower our clients to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Our Vision

Our vision at Freeman Investment Management Consulting (FIMC) is to become the go-to partner for investment management firms seeking practical solutions and tangible results. We aim to lead the industry by providing expert guidance and innovative strategies that drive sustainable growth and empower our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

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